Shape Tape Bra Instructions & Care

Maintenance and Caring:

Initial Application

In order for your Shape Tape to work its magic properly, it must be applied to clean, dry skin. Helpful Tip: If you frequently spray tan and have the desire to use Shape Tape please be sure your skin is completely free of the product before application.

Our breast lift tape uses an adhesive that is thermal-based; this allows for longer, stronger, and sticker wear. Our stretchy design and thermal adhesive is built to survive even the heaviest of weights. This tape will NOT lift or come loose during your wear. Although our tape stays in place as soon as it touches the skin, it can be readjusted slightly before you completely rub it into your skin. For perfect application, we recommend taking your time when applying and ideally apply between 30 and 45 minutes prior to going out.


It is time to remove your Shape Tape. We recommend using baby oil (or an oil of your choice) to remove your tape; slow is key. DO NOT pull it off the way you would a band-aid, or you may notice irritation.


The Bra Shape Tape is designed for one-time use. We recommend buying our bundle sets to have you looking like a queen in different outfits during all your special events throughout the week!